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Omlyx helps you automate
to get more done.

The intuitive workflow editor and block system enable you to organize and visualize what's needs to get done and when, so you can lay back and let the work done for you.

How does it work?

First, you can specify a bunch of interfaces like, buttons, timers, events, API endpoints ...etc that are going to trigger what you want to automate. These act as entry points to the workflows you specify in the next step.

🌟  Interfaces to trigger workflows

workflow interface

And secondly, the connecting workflows are a collection of blocks. Each block can talk to each other and perform tasks for you, like sending emails, writing data to databases, interacting with 3rd parties like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Slack, you name it.

✅  Intuitive workflow editor

Intuitive workflow editor

Each block can be customized and you can even create your own block if you want to connect a service or add logic and share it with others.

💰  Sell and buy blocks

block store for buying and selling blocks

🤩 Interested?

Currently, we are in closed beta. If you would like to receive notifications and updates about the progress of the project, sign up below. As a thank you, we are giving away free credits for the first 50 people signed up.