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What you can do with Omlyx?

Omlyx is a visual tool for building chatbots with simplicity in its core.
We have put everything together for you to help you create a chatbot for your sales or support process.

Templates for convenience

Creating a bot is as simple as one click. To give you ease and flexibility we are created (and continuously creating new) templates for you. With them, you can generate a whole communication flow what can use as it is or as a base to start your custom conversation flow.

A simple editor for complex tasks

The heart of our services is the editor where you can design how the bot will ask, respond and act to certain user inputs. By visually seeing the logic of your bot help you to imagine what your bot is doing. We are constructed basic modules for you (text output, buttons, inputs ..etc) what can create a wide variety of possibilities.

The marketplace of modules (soon)

Modularisation of bot decisions is the foundation of our editor so much so Omlyx has the most extendable module system. To leverage the full potential of that you can not just use our pre-made modules but you will be able to use modules made by you or by others.

Add your own style

Chatbots without personalised look and feel are dumb. With us, you have a range of options to match your bot with your website, blog, shop or company visual designs so that the bot looks just like one of them.

Integrate with anything

We are offering multiple ways to connect with your customers. Raging from the simple yet most customisable website embedding through social platforms (Facebook, Telegram) and personal devices (Alexa) till organisation-wide communication platform (Slack). As we continue improving our system we are adding more and more platform to the list.

See how your bot performs

Accelerate the bot's performance by seeing which guest engaged with it and how it is communicated. Get real-time data about the conversation flow and if needed just take over and talk with the guest directly.

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